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Most employers look for people who feel confident working in an international environment.

English business meeting
To be successful, professionals need to be able to present themselves well in a wide range of situations such as meetings, negotiations, giving presentations as well as social gatherings. A big part of building that confidence is being able to speak good English, which is more or less taken for granted in today's business world.

To stay in the game in a highly competitive market, mastering English is getting increasingly important. Let us help you reach your career goals and beyond.For free advice on how to improve your business English - click here ?

Your career - Our focus

At Englishtown we offer you courses that specifically focus on helping you build and improve your professional English skills. Our business English courses have been developed with a sound understanding for on-the-job success. They amongst other things include Harvard Business School Publishing case studies to simulate real-life business situations.

Over the years we have helped more than 1,200 corporate clients across the globe with their staff's English training needs. This has provided us with a lot of valuable insight to make sure our business English courses reflect the needs of the market.

These courses are available to anyone who chooses to study with an Englishtown Private Teacher™. Together with your private teacher you will tailor-make a course that focuses specifically on your needs in order to meet your business English goals.

Results that pay off

Increase your salary and confidence
Here are just some of the benefits you get from taking a business English course with Englishtown:

  • Increased confidence when conducting business in English
  • Greater verbal fluency for face-to-face business situations
  • More professional approach when representing your organization
  • Improved cross-border communication with colleagues and clients

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