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We’re big (on education)

Englishtown is part of EF, the world's largest private education company, focused on language learning, educational travel and academic programs. Collectively, we have nearly 50 years of teaching expertise and over 29,000 employees and teachers, spread across over 50 countries.

What's new?

For the last two years, our research and development teams have been working late to perfect the next generation of our advanced learning system. The result - Englishtown 10 - the fastest and most efficient way to learn English. It simply redefines the state-of-the-art and is unlike anything else in the market. Here some highlights:

Learn English, Hollywood style

Englishtown 10 is the largest video curriculum ever made. We've designed 500 mini movies to keep you interested and motivated - and teach you Real English. Each lesson now kicks off with an engaging movie and as you follow the plot and the characters, you start to learn without even trying.

Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR)

You can now talk to your computer and see it amazingly understand and act as your coach. Our ASR technology can home in on your speech patterns and help improve your pronunciation. Without ever getting tired of it!

The new benchmark in interactive learning

Studies prove that interactive learning is twice as effective as traditional learning. Englishtown 10 is setting new standards in e-learning: We have created more than 1,500 hours of rich materials and 60 different, targeted and fun activity templates for you. The result: you're visibly more engaged and motivated, and simply learn faster.

Learn what you need - no more, no less.

Want to spend more time on a concept? No problem, we help you focus on it. Already understand how to introduce yourself? Just skip past it. Our system ensures that you focus on what you really need to learn. And only that. This type of "adaptive learning" required us to invent some very complicated technology. But it looks so simple you won't even realize it - what you will notice is that you learn with less effort.

Englishtown 10 really makes learning faster.

It's more engaging, more customized and more flexible than ever before. Plus it's grounded in Science and built on extensive Language Research.

Was it worth the gigantic 2 year effort?

Absolutely!! Our mission is to help YOU to learn in the most efficient way. Englishtown 10 truly accomplishes that, bringing you the best of academic qualifications and modern teaching methodologies. It's simply unlike any English school you've seen. Give it a try - it's free!

Here’s why we’re different

Friendly guy showing offer at Englishtown100% Convenient.

Englishtown online teachers and courses are available on-demand, 24 hours a day.
Englishtown fits even the busiest schedule. more »

100% Comprehensive.

We offer unlimited access to over 16 levels of university-certified courses. Study as much as you want. more »

100% Qualified.

Because our teachers are online, we’re able to select the best, wherever they may be in the world. All teachers are certified, native-speaking instructors. more »

100% Results Oriented.

Unlike normal schools, we tell you what you’ve done, push you to do more and track your progress throughout your course. more »

Englishtown gives you the proven benefit of studying with native-speaking teachers with the added convenience of 24/7 access and a superior study methodology.
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