Online courses

Each time you log in your online school, you'll go immediately to your customized home page. This "My Home Page" is the hub of your powerful Englishtown learning experience.

Appealing and effective course content

On your "My Home Page" you will get a clear overview of what your next study steps within your current unit are. Each of these units is divided into four sections:

English course overview


Entertaining Hollywood-produced movies lead you into your course and will have you explore the language in real life situations. Quick questions and optional subtitles help you along the way.


Our rich multimedia and up-to-date learning materials make your learning experience fun and effective, so you quickly hone your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. You continuously get tailored, truly individual instant feedback and useful information on your progress.


At the end of each lesson, you'll have a chance to use the new language in a real world situation, such as ordering food in a restaurant, or conducting a job interview. This allows you to bring all your new knowledge together and test what you've learned.


These advanced, multimedia exercises teach you the language points from the movie through cutting edge technology and fun yet sound interactive tools. For instance, Flashcards allows you to easily pick up new vocabulary using our advanced speech recognition software. You get instant feedback that shows if you said the word correctly, or if you need to try again. Simple but very effective.

Live Conversation classes

To apply what you've just learned, there is nothing better than our group conversation classes. This is where you will interact live with your native-speaking teacher and a small group of classmates from all over the world - and where you will put your new skills to the test before moving on to the next level. These classes start any hour of the day, so you can always fit them in even the busiest schedule. And if you want additional 1-on-1 attention, you always have the option to join additional private classes. All online, all flexible and very cost-effective.

With Englishtown you will learn more and gain confidence faster, because unlike most schools, we don't teach you just passive skills: we teach you how to communicate actively in speaking and writing too. With us you learn the English you need in real life.

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Helping you learn faster

Relaxed English learning environment
Building on our academic team's expertise and our excellence in technology, we have created an extensive palette of self-study tools. Their role: help you to further strengthen your skills in a both smart and fun way.
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The list of available tools is too long to be listed here, but let's look into some of our students' favorites:

Pronunciation Lab

Our Pronunciation Lab contains dozens of videos of a native speaker pronouncing English sounds and words. You can listen and watch the speaker's mouth to see how the words are pronounced. Record your own voice and play it back for comparison.

Grammar Guide

The Grammar Guide is a comprehensive resource about English grammar. Just click on a topic and you will find explanations, rules and examples.

Grammar Lab

The Grammar Lab contains activities in all levels for testing and expanding your knowledge of English grammar rules and exceptions. It's a great way to make sure you understand how to apply specific concepts.


You can use Englishtown Flashcards to help you practice and review important vocabulary. We provide words for every unit and you are free to create your own list of flashcards too. You can listen to and print each card. You can also turn it over to see the definition, write your own examples or comments and save them.


The Translator allows you to look up the meaning of any words you come across while studying online. Simply click to read definitions and translations as well as sample sentences.


Use these entertaining podcasts to keep on learning English any time, anywhere. Watch the movies in the online school or download them onto your portable device to watch wherever you go to.


The Toolbar lets you access your Englishtown features directly from your browser window. To use the Toolbar, first install it via the link in the left menu.

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Graphic Designer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The thing that impressed me the most about Englishtown is how simple it is to use. I thought an online school sounded complicated. But I tried it and really love it. I am speaking to my teacher with one click, it's true!
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