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You invest your time and money with us; we invest our technology and academic resources in your success. With us you always are in control, knowing where you are in your course and how fast you’re progressing.

A methodology proven to help you learn faster


The cornerstone of our methodology is the unique way we blend teacher-led activities with self-study exercises focused on specific skill such as vocabulary building, pronunciation, writing skills etc. From the day you enroll, our sole objective is to ensure you reach your individual goals, whatever they may be.

Englishtown’s online courses cover all the fundamental aspects of English with a particular focus on conversation skills. Our powerful training builds on 3 steps:

1. Learn Build your core skills through 1,500 hours of top-notch interactive course content
2. Try Practice with your teachers and classmates in our live conversation classes
3. Apply Interact and strengthen your skills and self-confidence in our worldwide community

With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, 98% student satisfaction and nearly 50 years experience in the field of language training, we know our system works. Follow your personal study plan and you will reach your goal faster and effortlessly.
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A customized experience for every student

The first step towards reaching your goals is to create a custom study plan. Our advanced online diagnostic system determines both your language skills and your personal study preferences. We use this data to create a custom study plan where you learn what you want, at the pace you want to. We even create a calendar for you that structure your studies.
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Online courses for all interests across 16 levels


入门级 0级A,0级B,1级


初级 2 - 4级


中级 5 - 7级


中高级 8 - 10级


高级 11 - 13级


精通级 14级


Cambridge ESOL Main Suite - KET PET FCE CAE CP
Cambridge ESOL BEC - - 中级 中高级 高级 -
IELTS® - <3 4-5 5-6 6-7 >7
TOEFL® iBT - - 57-86 87-109 110-120 -
TOEIC®听读能力 - 110-270 275-395 400-485 490 -
TOEIC®读写能力 - 80-115 120-150 155-195 200 -

To create your custom study plan we draw from materials along 4 key groupings:

Classic English bubble  1. Classic English

Our Classic English course series is at the heart of the study plan for most of our students. Focusing on core skills necessary for everyday English use, these courses cover speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary skills across all 16 levels of our curriculum.
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Business English hand shake  2. Business English

If your goal is to focus on improving your English for career purposes, our Business English course series will be a crucial component of your course. Integrating Harvard Business School Publishing case studies it will help you develop English skills critical to your on-the-job success. Talk to an Englishtown consultant to learn more about our Business English curriculum »

Englishtown university-certified diploma  3. TOEIC® & TOEFL® Preparation

If you’re preparing for a TOEIC or TOEFL exam, you won’t want to miss our comprehensive series of preparation materials and sample tests. We’ve helped your peers improve their scores by up to an amazing 40%. Make our expertise work for you too! There is no easier way to quickly improve your exam scores. Learn more by talking to our consultant at 8008 567890 Or leave us your contacts and we’ll call back to answer all your questions on our TOEIC® and TOEFL® preparation modules »

Industry English bubbles  4. Industry-specific English

If you want to boost your career by learning vocabulary and phrases specific to a certain industry, you will surely be interested in our industry-specific courses. With topics ranging from banking to logistics to hospitality, we’ll make sure you master the skills critical to success in your industry. Learn more about topics and industries available through a call with one of our consultants. No cost, no obligation »

With 3 billion (!) people predicted to speak English by 2015, English skills have become more crucial than ever before – especially to move up the career ladder. So don’t miss the chance to discover the exclusive Englishtown benefits at not cost – click here to start your 7 day free trial »

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Graphic Designer
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The thing that impressed me the most about Englishtown is how simple it is to use. I thought an online school sounded complicated. But I tried it and really love it. I am speaking to my teacher with one click, it's true!
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