Private tutoring

While all of our classes offer individualized attention, practice and feedback, the fastest way to achieve your specific learning objectives is one-on-one work with an Englishtown Private Teacher™.

Faster Results

Private teacher with headset for online class
With an Englishtown Private Teacher™, you have unlimited access to all of the resources of our Online School™ such as interactive study tools and group conversation classes, but you also benefit from intensive one-on-one lessons with a personal tutor.

With a private teacher you'll reach a higher level of fluency, faster. Our private teachers customize your lessons for situations relevant to your life and goals, from meeting and interview preparation to negotiation skills and travel fluency. Together with your private teacher you can decide to focus on areas such as business English, TOEIC/TOEFL preparations and English relating to your industry of work.
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The Choice is Yours

In addition to all the choices offered with our standard programs, you have the opportunity to select your private teacher by name, area of expertise, nationality or gender, with the flexibility of changing teachers at any time.

All you need to do is choose the teacher you feel suits you best, and select a day and time that fits your schedule. Your course is then completely built to fit your learning objectives, skill level, and schedule, with intensive one-on-one conversation classes and rigorous progress coaching to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

If you're serious about taking your English to the next level, simply call us at 8008 567890 or click here to leave your contact details, and we'll call you back.


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