A proven method

At Englishtown, quality has always been at the heart of what we do, starting with the initial development of our unique methodology.

Our investment in quality

MicroscopeIt took EF scientists and teachers 5 years to develop the Englishtown online learning method after years of research in EF schools around the world. We invested $50 million to develop the foundation of our online school system. Now Englishtown e-learning courses are university certified and the choice of more than 1,200 multinational companies. EF even has a research unit at Cambridge University to continuously refine our method. That’s something not a lot of schools can offer you!

The result:
A truly unique combination of teacher-led activities and interactive technology, which radically quickens the pace of learning.
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Our methodology

Online teacher available 24/7Englishtown uses a communicative approach to teaching. This means that we encourage students to build on past experiences as well as learn from others to build new knowledge. The EFEKTA™ System builds on this powerful logic of revolving learning to help you learn ‘real’ English.

Here’s how our method works:

1- Learn

With your course, you get access to a massive range of interactive content: 1,500 hours of fun activities spread over 16 levels to be precise. Each lesson starts with a short movie shot at the EF studios in Hollywood. It allows you to experience the language in a real life situation. The interactive activities build on that initial movie and focus on building core English skills like vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening comprehension. Our system tracks your progress and drives you to perfect your skills based on your performance. Clear focus that guarantees you progress faster. more »

 2- Try

Once you've learned key language skills, you need to try using them in real life. Meet your Englishtown teacher online to practice speaking, writing and listening comprehension skills. Open 24/7, you never need to book a spot in the classroom in advance - our live online classes start at every level, every hour of the day. You can use up to 30 hours of teacher-led conversation lessons every month. more »

3- Apply

To feel really confident speaking English you need to make it part of your daily life. That’s why the Englishtown system drives you to apply your new skills with other students from around the world. With more than 15 million members available it’s easy to find students at your level, with your interests to speak and write with. These interactions will reinforce what you’ve learned from your teacher, ensuring you remember what we’ve taught you. And you get to make friends from over 120 countries! more »

Our Technology

EFEKTA accelerates your language skills by combining the very best human teachers with the latest technology. Your course will be personalized, targeted and flexible. As a result, you simply will learn English faster. Thousands have successfully done it before you. So you get our word on it!

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