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All teachers are not created equal. A good teacher can make a seemingly boring topic really exciting. And when we’re interested, we’re simply more motivated and thus more successful at learning. A very simple equation.

Giving you the best teachers, 24 hours a day

At Englishtown, we invest a lot of time and energy to give you the very best English teachers and the best only.

Our teacher network consists of more than 27,000 teachers and staff around the globe, so you can be sure to find a teacher that suits your needs. Here a few of them, telling you their story and sharing some learning experiences. Use the arrow button to slide through and click on the image for details.

Janine - 英国,7年教学经验 Suzanne - 英国,15年教学经验 Jonathan - 英国,20多年教学经验 Julie - 美国,6年教学经验 Miri - 英国,10年教学经验 Roslyn - 南非,28年教学经验 Todd - 美国,20年教学经验 Kelly - 英国,2年教学经验 Alexis - 澳大利亚,10多年教学经验 Eric - 英国,24年教学经验

How we do that?

Well first, we have a pretty sharp teacher selection process:

  • We only recruit native English speakers;
  • We only consider qualified individuals;
  • We require previous teaching experience and a strong technical understanding;
  • We only hire who passes our tests and fits our requirements

In the end, only few of the teachers who apply to become an Englishtown teacher do become one. Only the best make the cut!

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Going beyond boundaries

Now, you will say it must be tough to find English teachers who match all our above requirements.
You’re right!

Blue globeGood thing is: we're online. That way we can be very picky and choose the best teachers regardless of where they are. Something local schools simply can't offer you. From Sydney to Cambridge to New York and Cape Town, we have teachers located around the world. Which also means you can join a conversation class around the clock!

Paying attention to your wishes

An additional benefit of having such a wide pool of teachers is that when you book a private lesson, you can select your teacher along your preferences: name, area of expertise, nationality or gender.

Further – and we admit a bit unconventional - we ask you to grade your English teachers.

So while they give you a grade on your skills after each session, you too rate. That way we always know what you’re expecting – and you can trust us to work on making sure you’re completely satisfied with your teachers.

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